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One step closer to rolling up your television

The University of California Los Angeles has created the first stretchable organic light-emitting diode (OLED.) OLED’s are used in televisions, cell phones and computer screens. What does this mean for the future of electronics? Just imagine moving day. Instead of gathering your strongest friends to help with that big flat screen TV, just shrink it down, roll it […]
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Making the roads a safer place

The U.S. Department of Transportation is determined to create a safer driving experience.  In an effort to prevent accidents, they recently granted the University of Michigan $14.9 million to test the use of short-range radio in vehicles. Short-range radio waves will allow cars to communicate with each other and traffic signals. How will short-range radios keep you safer on the road? If you and another […]
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Tech Spotlight: EasyBloom Plant Sensor

After an unusually nasty winter, the prospect of springtime is sure to feel like a well-deserved victory for everyone. If you’re looking to celebrate the fairest season by planting a garden, you may want to check out the EasyBloom Plant Sensor. This innovative new gadget can help your plants reach their full potential whether your […]
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What Mr. Twitter has to Offer Small Business

Jack Dorsey, chairman of the social networking phenomenon Twitter, is trying to make it easier for small businesses to take a big step into the digital age in 2010. In the past, making payments using a credit card has been easy, but receiving credit card payments has been decidedly more difficult. Dorsey has set out […]
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Top 5 Tools to Help Budget Your Money After the Holidays

Sure, an Excel spreadsheet can get the job done – but it’s 2010 now, and you can do better. – Mint is a free online money management tool that is quickly gaining recognition as one of the best ways to keep track of your finances. With a security statement that will settle the nerves […]
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Technology Spotlight: Wine Kiosks

The great state of Pennsylvania has given amateur winos something to look forward to in 2010. The PLCB has slightly loosened its tight grip on alcohol sales within the state by agreeing to set up about 100 wine kiosks in grocery stores throughout Pennsylvania. These kiosks will essentially operate like high-tech vending machines, which will […]
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Sunglasses & Trench Coats: Your Guide to the New Facebook Privacy Settings

In a thinly veiled attempt to compete with high traffic sites like Twitter, Facebook’s new privacy settings have upset some of its more clandestine users. The problem is this: these new modifications may put you at risk of publically publishing more information than you had originally intended. But don’t let this ruin your day. A […]
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Technology Spotlight: Philadelphia Recycling Rewards

With the new Philadelphia Recycling Rewards program, recycling truly does pay- and not just for the city, but for residents as well. Beginning in 2010, the program will name Philadelphia as the largest U.S. city to offer such an incentive, and put it one step closer to its goal of becoming the Greenest City in America.
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Technology Spotlight: SEPTA Launches New Website Design

Earlier this week SEPTA unveiled a new website design with a cleaner layout and a focus on new technology, implementing features such as a real-time train ticker, RSS feeds, and twitter updates. Among the new features is the option to plan your trip using Google Transit, where you can easily switch between using public transportation, […]
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Top 5 Benefits of Windows 7

New Taskbar: This is one of the most visible changes in Windows 7. The Quick Launch toolbar is gone. A user can now ‘pin’ applications to the toolbar (Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer are here by default). Applications are now launched and managed from the toolbar. All open windows of a given application will be grouped together under a single icon. A user can simply hover over this icon to get a thumbnail sized live look-in to each window, a feature known as “Aero Peek”. While this may take some getting used to, we really like that it organizes windows [...]
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