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Does Blackberry still have Juice?

In 2003, BlackBerry introduced the first modern smart phone. This was a breakthrough device in the market that not only functioned as a telephone, but also allowed users to send and receive email and text messages. The need for mobile email access was clear, as email was a popular and vital means of communication in […]
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Don’t forget to setup Find My iPhone

It was almost a year ago that somebody smashed the passenger side window of my car and stole my messenger bag which contained, among other things, my month old iPad. I was parked right outside the Trader Joe’s on 22nd Street where there were plenty of people walking around (it was 6:30pm). There was even […]
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Apple and Amazon Security Flaws

Recently, tech journalist Mat Honan was the victim of an ‘epic hack’ as a result of some pretty serious security flaws at Amazon and Apple. First, his Google account was taken over and deleted. Then his Twitter account was compromised, his AppleID account broken into, and all of his data on his iPhone, iPad and […]
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Hopefully the Apple won’t fall too far

It has been an eventful week for Apple. On Tuesday, Tim Cook had his first product launch as CEO with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S evoked mixed reviews from the public. Many were hoping for the release of the iPhone 5 and were disappointed that the latest iPhone still featured the number 4. While there is no iPhone 5 (yet), a new voice […]
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