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Does Blackberry still have Juice?

In 2003, BlackBerry introduced the first modern smart phone. This was a breakthrough device in the market that not only functioned as a telephone, but also allowed users to send and receive email and text messages. The need for mobile email access was clear, as email was a popular and vital means of communication in […]
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Top 5 Benefits of Windows 7

New Taskbar: This is one of the most visible changes in Windows 7. The Quick Launch toolbar is gone. A user can now ‘pin’ applications to the toolbar (Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer are here by default). Applications are now launched and managed from the toolbar. All open windows of a given application will be grouped together under a single icon. A user can simply hover over this icon to get a thumbnail sized live look-in to each window, a feature known as “Aero Peek”. While this may take some getting used to, we really like that it organizes windows [...]
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Internet Explorer Critical Update

Microsoft has released an official security update to Internet Explorer which fixes an exploit announced yesterday. The update fixes the hack which could grab passwords and other sensitive information, so you will want to download it. Click here for a handy table which will direct you to which update is best for you, as they […]
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New Critical Microsoft Update

Microsoft has released a new critical patch for Windows XP and Windows Server 2000 and 2003 operating systems. This patch fixes a servere bug that would allow a hacker to gain control of your computer system remotely. Be sure to run Windows Update today to ensure you get this important update. Windows Vista is not […]
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Microsoft Outlook keyboard shortcuts

For those who use email regularly, click here to check out a listing of some useful keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Outlook 2007. If you are interested in upgrading to Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Outlook 2007, contact us today.
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Convert old Office files to the 2007 version

If you’ve recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 and want to quickly convert your old Office documents to the Office 2007 format, click here for step-by-step instructions. This is a great way to avoid manually updating every file separately.
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Office 2007 incompatibility with older versions

If you’ve ever sent a document created in a Microsoft Office 2007 program (Word 2007, for example) to someone who had an older version of the program and they got back to you saying they couldn’t open it, here are two quick and helpful tips: You could pass along this link so the recipient could download […]
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Window’s Vista Service Pack 1 Now Available

Windows’ Vista Service Pack 1 is available for free download from Windows Update or Microsoft Download Center. Microsoft says SP1 will bring “improvements that address many key pieces of customer feedback, especially in the areas of performance and reliability.” Download it now from Windows Update or you can get it here:
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Vista Service Pack Expected In January

The first service pack for Windows Vista is on its way — PC Magazine has reviewed a beta version of the update. Reviewer Neil Randall found the service pack to be a solid update of the current version of Vista, with noticeable improvements in speed. Once the service pack is released, it will become available […]
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