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Word of the Week: IP Address

An IP Address is a number assigned to both servers and users connected to the Internet. For servers, the IP address comes to be the domain name through a Domain Name Server (DNS). For individual users, it is assigned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) when the user logs on. This address could be the […]
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Top 5 Podcasts for Business

The Starbucks Experience: Once a week Dr. Joseph Michelli hosts a podcast based on the principles related in his bestselling books The Starbucks Experience and The New Gold Standard. Dr Michelli analyzes business strategies implemented by the Starbucks Corporation – and relates these wildly successful procedures to how they can be applied to running a […]
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Tech Story: 2010 Olympic Medals

This year, the Royal Canadian Mint will produce 615 Olympic and 399 Paralympic medals for the greatly anticipated 2010 Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Not to be outdone by generations past, Canada has given the typical Olympic medal a thoughtful new facelift, blazing new trails in terms of design, composition, and innovation. […]
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Product of the Month: Dell Studio One 19

The Dell Studio One 19 is an extremely appealing desktop option for businesses interested in space saving designs. Equipped with ample memory (up to 4GB), this innovative new model manages to eliminate the bulky computer tower by instead incorporating it within the desktop monitor. The Dell Studio One 19 is not only aesthetically pleasing, it […]
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Word of the Week: Java

Java is a prevalent high-level programming language that it known for its Internet friendly modus operandi. Essentially, Java script takes the once complicated programming language used by computer specialists, and simplifies it in order to make the process more efficient. This intelligible computer language makes it easier for programmers to avoid making certain errors that had been common when […]
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Word of the Week: Defrag

Defrag is a term that acts as the succinct form of “defragmentation” (which essentially means “to refurbish your computer”). Just like all tangible things, every now and then your computer needs to be cleaned up and dusted off; and while an air-duster and cotton cloth may take care of the hardware, you will need a […]
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