Tech Spotlight: EasyBloom Plant Sensor

After an unusually nasty winter, the prospect of springtime is sure to feel like a well-deserved victory for everyone. If you’re looking to celebrate the fairest season by planting a garden, you may want to check out the EasyBloom Plant Sensor. This innovative new gadget can help your plants reach their full potential whether your thumb is green or not.
To use the EasyBloom, you simply place the sensor anywhere, inside or outside, where you wish to grow a plant. After 24 hours, you can connect the EasyBloom to the USB port on your home computer, where your own personal “My EasyBloom” dashboard page will load and assess the data collected from the sensor. During the time it spends in the ground, the EasyBloom sensor will measure sunlight, temperature, drainage, and humidity; the software will also take your geographic location and climate into consideration. The software comes equipped with detailed information on over 5,000 plants, and will be able to recommend which plants will fit best with the specific conditions of your garden soil. The sensor also has the unique ability to act as a “doctor” to any ailing plants you may already have. Simply place the EasyBloom sensor in the dirt next to your sick plant, and after 24 hours the EasyBloom software will diagnose its condition, and provide you with the necessary steps to successfully revive your plant life.

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