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This is one mighty pen

A new product from Wacom was announced today. The Inkling is a pen that captures your sketches and transfers them into digital form. Insert a piece of paper into the receiver and the Inkling will capture every stroke. You will even be able to save your drawings in layers. Sketches can be saved as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, […]
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The medium is the message- Facebook vs. Post-it notes

Communication through Facebook and Twitter has the ability to spread like wildfire. Within seconds, a message can be seen far and wide. Real-time reporting of this nature is powerful stuff. When put into the hands of the people, is instant communication used for good? Examples of both positive and negative use of social media surround the recent London riots.  Some […]
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The rise and fall of the text message

Wireless companies have made a ton of money from text messages- $9 billion in sales in 2010 according to this article from CNN Money. However, the money making days of 2010 may be losing momentum. With the rising popularity of smartphones, there has been an increase in applications that provide free text messaging. These apps are giving wireless providers a run for their money. Will there […]
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50 useful and interesting websites

There are a lot of websites out there. With so many options, it seems difficult to find the sites that may be useful for you. The solution? Check out Time Magazine’s list of  The 50 Best Websites of 2011. Keep an eye out for, a site that provides the phone numbers that big companies don’t want you to find. Phone numbers that allow […]
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Are you in “social ads” without even knowing?

Be careful of what you “like” on Facebook- you may become the spokesperson!  For many people, social media sites have become part of the daily routine. While social media is often thought of as a fun way to communicate with friends, be wary of what you are sharing and what your privacy settings are. Facebook and LinkedIn […]
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