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Let’s put this waste to good use!

Data centers use 1.3% of the world’s power. Half of the energy used in data centers is for the sole purpose of keeping computers and servers from overheating! That’s right. The energy required to keep computer chips cool matches the energy required for computing. If only there was a way to recycle this heat . . . […]
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And the winner is . . .

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google. Four powerful companies. They may have taken four different paths to get where they are today, but they are headed in the same direction. How will they fare when they go head to head? An article from highlights what they call “The Great Tech War of 2012.” One thing is […]
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Hopefully the Apple won’t fall too far

It has been an eventful week for Apple. On Tuesday, Tim Cook had his first product launch as CEO with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 4S evoked mixed reviews from the public. Many were hoping for the release of the iPhone 5 and were disappointed that the latest iPhone still featured the number 4. While there is no iPhone 5 (yet), a new voice […]
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