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Where old cell phones go to die

We have been talking more and more about recycling lately here at Orbis and there is a great photo essay at The Technology Review about where most of the cell phones in this country go to be recycled and refurbished. Click here for the whole article.
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Convert old Office files to the 2007 version

If you’ve recently upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007 and want to quickly convert your old Office documents to the Office 2007 format, click here for step-by-step instructions. This is a great way to avoid manually updating every file separately.
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Office 2007 incompatibility with older versions

If you’ve ever sent a document created in a Microsoft Office 2007 program (Word 2007, for example) to someone who had an older version of the program and they got back to you saying they couldn’t open it, here are two quick and helpful tips: You could pass along this link so the recipient could download […]
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