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Summer Reading 2.0 – An E-Reader Review

Labor Day may be just around the corner, but there are hopefully plenty of quality beach days remaining. For many, a trip to the beach is not complete without packing a good book to read for the day. Whether it is assigned summer reading for school, or the latest Grisham thriller, paging through a new […]
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Emerging Market for 3-D Films in China

China is an emerging market for 3-D films. Both Avatar 3-D and Titanic 3-D had great success in China, respectively grossing $204 million and $153 million. In China, Titanic 3-D grossed $100 million within the first week, which is more than anywhere else in the world. James Cameron, the director of Avatar and Titanic, has […]
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Apple and Amazon Security Flaws

Recently, tech journalist Mat Honan was the victim of an ‘epic hack’ as a result of some pretty serious security flaws at Amazon and Apple. First, his Google account was taken over and deleted. Then his Twitter account was compromised, his AppleID account broken into, and all of his data on his iPhone, iPad and […]
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World’s Fastest Camera Used to Detect Rogue Cancer Cells

Technology is rapidly and radically changing the health field. For instance, the use of cameras is often commonplace when studying cells, but scientists have discovered an even better way to distinguish and isolate rare cells from large groups of assorted cells. This ability is increasingly important for the early detection and monitoring of diseases and […]
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