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Word of the Week: Flash

It isn’t uncommon for a website to incorporate moving images into its design; however, web browsers need to be able to read these files and play them correctly. Flash is an animation technology that gives your browser the ability to play movies and animated clips without sacrificing the speed or performance of your PC. Flash […]
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Word of the Week: ISP

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. An ISP is a company that equips users with Internet access. You cannot connect to the Internet without first establishing an account with an ISP; however, once you do create an account, your ISP will set you up with a username, password, account phone number, and a software package. […]
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Word of the Week: HTML

(HyperText Markup Language) HTML is a mark-up language that uses tags to organize text into various forms such as paragraphs, lists, headings, and links. This language lets web browsers render and display the text and images that appear on a website. Nearly every site on the Internet is coded in HTML, even the simplest plain-test sites […]
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Word of the Week: Hyperlink

Also referenced to as simply a “link,” a hyperlink is a simple and neat method through which websites connect users to supplementary media or information. A hyperlink allows a user to click through a tag (text, icon, or photo) in order to access additional content. Typically coded through HTML, hyperlinks are commonplace in modern web design.
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Word of the Week: Java

Java is a prevalent high-level programming language that it known for its Internet friendly modus operandi. Essentially, Java script takes the once complicated programming language used by computer specialists, and simplifies it in order to make the process more efficient. This intelligible computer language makes it easier for programmers to avoid making certain errors that had been common when […]
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Word of the Week: Defrag

Defrag is a term that acts as the succinct form of “defragmentation” (which essentially means “to refurbish your computer”). Just like all tangible things, every now and then your computer needs to be cleaned up and dusted off; and while an air-duster and cotton cloth may take care of the hardware, you will need a […]
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