Top 5 Benefits of Windows 7

  1. windows7New Taskbar
    This is one of the most visible changes in Windows 7. The Quick Launch toolbar is gone. A user can now ‘pin’ applications to the toolbar (Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer are here by default). Applications are now launched and managed from the toolbar. All open windows of a given application will be grouped together under a single icon. A user can simply hover over this icon to get a thumbnail sized live look-in to each window, a feature known as “Aero Peek”.  While this may take some getting used to, we really like that it organizes windows better and allows a user to change applications more quickly and easily.
  2. Device Recognition
    One of the biggest knocks on Windows Vista pertained to hardware compatibility issues. Simply put, often times if you plugged something in (a printer, external hard drive, cell phone) the computer could not communicate with these devices without installing additional software. Windows 7 comes preinstalled with a large number of drivers and can automatically search for new ones via Windows Update.
  3. Less Restrictive
    Thanks to new customizable and controllable settings, Windows 7 features fewer pop-up notifications and permissions windows. Windows 7 also utilizes the “Action Center” to centralize messages pertaining to security status, Windows Update, and User Access Control.
  4. Problem Steps Recorder
    Have you ever experienced a problem on your computer and when you call Orbis for assistance, the problem seems to have gone away? With the new “Problem Steps Recorder” this will be a thing of the past. Simply open up this program and click record and try to perform the troublesome task again.  Everything you do can be tracked with screenshots to assist a technical support representative in troubleshooting your issue.
  5. Aero Snap & Aero Shake
    These are a couple of the cooler new features of Windows 7. “Aero Snap” allows a user to take an open window and drag it to one side of the screen and ‘snap’ it to take up half of the screen. Doing this with multiple Microsoft Word documents for example would allow you to view two open documents side-by-side.

    “Aero Shake” allows a user to grab an open window and ‘shake’ the mouse back and forth, doing so hides all other opened windows except the one selected.  Shaking the mouse again restores all hidden windows.  As monitors continue to grow in size and users transition into having multiple windows open at one time, we see these features being a convenient way to organize your work.

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