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The Six Strikes Program

The anti-piracy program referred to as “six strikes” is rumored to hit the US by the end of 2012.  Jill Lesser, head of the Center for Copyright Information, says the program will launch this year, although the same claim was made in 2011. Will we actually see six strikes come to fruition this year? The […]
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Emerging Market for 3-D Films in China

China is an emerging market for 3-D films. Both Avatar 3-D and Titanic 3-D had great success in China, respectively grossing $204 million and $153 million. In China, Titanic 3-D grossed $100 million within the first week, which is more than anywhere else in the world. James Cameron, the director of Avatar and Titanic, has […]
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Technology in the Summer Olympics: #London2012

This Friday will mark the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. While the Olympics have always symbolized traditions of the past, it will be exciting to see how technology impacts this years’ competition. Timing is crucial during the Olympics. Just think of the 100m dash —  a fraction of a second is […]
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Twitter’s Tailored Suggestions

Twitter has changed the way it operates. According to their blog, Twitter will now make “tailored suggestions” to its users. When new users sign up for Twitter, there will be an option to “Tailor Twitter based on my recent website visits.” Current Twitter users will be automatically given customized recommendations for accounts to follow. While […]
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Facebook Buys Instagram

On April 9, Facebook announced a deal made with Instagram. Instagram agreed to be purchased by the social network for $1 billion, which will happen late in this quarter. The mobile photo-sharing app, Instagram, was recently valued at $500 million. So why did Facebook pay so much? There has been a lot of speculation surrounding […]
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Commercials, Apps & Super Bowl XLVI

The Super Bowl is a great time to reflect on how much has changed over the past year (forget New Year’s!) Advertisers are willing to pay millions of dollars for a 30-second spot. Viewers across the country are actually paying attention (and looking forward to) the usually tuned-out commercials.  There is a football game in […]
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Mobile predictions for 2012

2011 was a big year for the mobile industry. In fact, 1.2 billion apps were downloaded in the last week of 2011. In one week’s time, app downloads have never before surpassed 1 billion. Over 3.7 million Android devices were activated during Christmas weekend. Mobile consumers have been busy! So what can we expect for mobile in 2012? A recent […]
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Privacy concerns for cell phone users

Carrier IQ is software that tracks cell phone users’ activity. It has also been the focus of recent privacy concerns. As Carrier IQ hit the headlines, many cell phone users were hit with a reality check. The device that houses our personal information may also be housing software that tracks, stores and shares this information. Carrier IQ […]
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The malls have eyes

Footpath Technology is a tracking system that will be used in select U.S. malls this holiday season. The technology will track shoppers by assigning a unique number to each cell phone signal. Footpath Technology claims personal information, like shoppers’ names and cell phone numbers will not be tracked. What it does want to track is […]
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Hashtag Culture

Hashtags are created by placing a pound sign (#) in front of a word or phrase. This symbol is primarily used to categorize tweets on Twitter. But what else are hashtags good for? Hashtags can clarify a message by putting it into context. People frequently communicate with text; Twitter is no exception. However, there is a small problem in communicating via […]
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