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Watch Out for Google Glass!

What do you get when you mix a pair of glasses with tech giant Google? The unprecedented combination known as Google Glass.  Google acquired its first patent for Glass in April of last year.  The company announced their patent along with a teaser video which projected Google’s ideas. Well, how close did this all come […]
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The malls have eyes

Footpath Technology is a tracking system that will be used in select U.S. malls this holiday season. The technology will track shoppers by assigning a unique number to each cell phone signal. Footpath Technology claims personal information, like shoppers’ names and cell phone numbers will not be tracked. What it does want to track is […]
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Top Secret – SCIF Tents

Ever wish you had more privacy to make a personal phone call on the run? We’ve all been there. Imagine what kind of privacy would be needed if you were talking to foreign dignitaries or military personnel about top secret military operations, like the recent one in Pakistan? For moments like that, President Obama, like […]
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