FaceBook Strikes Back

In April 2012, FaceBook acquired Instagram for $1 billion. Originally, Instagram was developed for users to “capture, edit, and share the World’s Moments” via pictures, however, on June 21, 2013, Instagram unveiled its 4.0 update.  Among the small bug fixes, this update introduces a 15 second video recording feature allowing users to add videos to their profile. This new feature is FaceBook’s response to the recent success of Twitter’s Vine application. Vine allows users to post six second videos that loop on a Twitter-like feed and has amassed over 13 million users.  Therefore, FaceBook decided to delve into the video sharing market.  In addition to the longer video length, there are 13 new filters presented and user selected cover images for the video.

FaceBook’s move appears to have made a larger impact than many had predicted as Topsy’s Analytics show an increase in Instagram posts and a decline in Vine posts since the launch.

The Orbis Team decided to take a stab at it…

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