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A New Reach for Advertisements

Lenticular printing has become a bit of a buzzword this week, thanks to the way a particular organization has put it to good use. Lenticular printing is a technology used in 3D displays to produce printed images with an illusion of depth, or the ability to change or move the image when viewed from different […]
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StarStar Me – Forget About 10-digit Mobile Numbers

StarStar Me is an add-on service that allows you to use a name or nickname as your phone number. People can reach you by dialing ** then the selected keyword or phrase of your choosing. The service is designed to make contacting someone easier than remembering a 10-digit phone number. The app serves more purposes […]
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Less than one-quarter of the youth today turn to online or conventional newspapers each day

According to a study at the Jaume I University in Castellón, just under 29% of the population of people aged 16 – 30 read online or conventional newspapers daily. The study also found that three out of every four individuals within this age bracket turn to social networking sites for information, even more so than […]
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Microsoft to replace Windows Live Messenger with Skype

Microsoft purchased Skype last year, and they’ve finally decided how to put it to good use – as a replacement for their current messaging platform, Windows Live Messenger. Windows Live Messenger will be phased out over the next few months and users will be moved to Skype. Microsoft is hopeful that the transition will be […]
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Could the future of batteries be….sugar?

According to a research group at the Tokyo University of Science, this may be a reality. The study leader, Associate Professor Shinichi Komaba, has confirmed that an adequate material for sodium ion batteries can be made by breaking down sucrose, the main component of sugar, using heat and chemicals. Using sugar is not only more […]
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PastBook Raises $250K To Help Preserve Online Memories

In today’s day and age, many of our most precious memories only exist online, in the form of photographs. Many of those photos are spread out along various social networks, making it difficult to keep track of them all. An Amsterdam-based company called PastBook has emerged to try and help share memories for generations to […]
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World’s Fastest Camera Used to Detect Rogue Cancer Cells

Technology is rapidly and radically changing the health field. For instance, the use of cameras is often commonplace when studying cells, but scientists have discovered an even better way to distinguish and isolate rare cells from large groups of assorted cells. This ability is increasingly important for the early detection and monitoring of diseases and […]
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Controlling Your Computer With Your Eyes

For the millions who suffer from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries or amputees there may soon be a way to interact with computers using just their eyes. According to recently released information from ScienceDaily, the device will not only be affordable, but is made from easily acquired materials. The device tracks eye […]
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Technology Spotlight: Philadelphia Recycling Rewards

With the new Philadelphia Recycling Rewards program, recycling truly does pay- and not just for the city, but for residents as well. Beginning in 2010, the program will name Philadelphia as the largest U.S. city to offer such an incentive, and put it one step closer to its goal of becoming the Greenest City in America.
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Latest Phishing Scam

BBC News has reported that over 30,000 email addresses and their passwords have been posted online over the past few days, and that number is growing. The information was obtained via a phishing scam, which incorporates the use of fake websites to lure unsuspecting customers into divulging sensitive information, in this case, names and passwords […]
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