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Technology Spotlight: PECO’s Energy Saving LED Sign

The Philadelphia skyline recently underwent a facelift when the display on the Peco Building was updated with some new technology. The system, comprised of 118 LED (Light Emitting Diode) panels measuring 40-feet tall by 2-feet wide, premiered on the evening of July 4th, 2009. The upgrade is part of a $342 million energy initiative from […]
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Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Computer Safe

1. Anti-Virus Program: Remember that it is not enough to simply have an anti-virus program, it is important to make sure it is updated regularly and running scheduled scans on your computer. Many times you can set these tasks to run at a time when you are not working on your machine (like in the middle of the night). There are a number of quality programs out there and some are even free. [...]
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New Website Launch:

Orbis Solutions has launched a refreshed site for LBC Credit Partners, a lending fund providing secured loans, mezzanine debt and equity co-investment to middle market companies. They manage over $1 billion of capital commitments with offices in Philadelphia and Chicago. The site features their investments in over 30 industry sectors, provides detailed information about each […]
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