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Google search tips

Google is a great way to search for information on the web, but not everyone knows that you can quickly get specific information with search modifiers. Here are a few ways you can refine your searches: 1. stock: ticker symbol – This will give you stock information as well as links to relevant sites. For […]
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Microsoft Outlook keyboard shortcuts

For those who use email regularly, click here to check out a listing of some useful keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Outlook 2007. If you are interested in upgrading to Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Outlook 2007, contact us today.
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Use the web to manage the gas crunch

With the U.S. national average gas price up to $4 a gallon and climbing, here are a few helpful user-submitted websites to check regularly: www.GasBuddy.com www.GasPriceWatch.com These sites make it easy to monitor which stations have the best prices in your area. Updates are made frequently, so check as often as you like. Do keep […]
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Get up-to-date Antivirus Software

According to security experts, the total number of viruses will reach one million by the end of 2008. Malware (“Malicious Software” designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system with the owner’s informed consent) writers have been forced to create new types of viruses more regularly as computer users improve their security practices. The number […]
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Outlook Tip for Large Attachments

If you ever find that your Outlook inbox has too many emails with large, unneeded attachments, there is a simple way to delete only the attached file, while still keeping the original email message. Not only does this process allow you to keep solely the information that you need, but it is also a good […]
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