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Produce Markets Wager on World Series

PHILADELPHIA - October 28, 2009 (WPVI) -- With all of the wagers being placed as the Phillies face the Yankees in the World Series, there's at least one bet that will benefit the community. Check out the video from 6abc news! [...]
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Top 5 Benefits of Windows 7

New Taskbar: This is one of the most visible changes in Windows 7. The Quick Launch toolbar is gone. A user can now ‘pin’ applications to the toolbar (Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer are here by default). Applications are now launched and managed from the toolbar. All open windows of a given application will be grouped together under a single icon. A user can simply hover over this icon to get a thumbnail sized live look-in to each window, a feature known as “Aero Peek”. While this may take some getting used to, we really like that it organizes windows [...]
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Technology Spotlight: How TV Strike Zones Work

As the Phillies prepare to make another run at the World Series, TVs throughout the Delaware Valley will no doubt be tuning in to follow along. One thing viewers can expect to see shortly after a close pitch to the plate is an animated graphic depicting the strike zone and if the given pitch was […]
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Word of the Month: “64-Bit”

If you’ve gone PC shopping lately, you’ve probably noticed more computers with 64-bit processors, and you may have wondered what advantages they offer. Put simply, a 64-bit PC can handle larger amounts of information than a 32-bit system. Since it can use more RAM—4 GB and up—a 64-bit computer can be more responsive when you’re running lots of programs at once and switching between them frequently. Windows 7 is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit [...]
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Latest Phishing Scam

BBC News has reported that over 30,000 email addresses and their passwords have been posted online over the past few days, and that number is growing. The information was obtained via a phishing scam, which incorporates the use of fake websites to lure unsuspecting customers into divulging sensitive information, in this case, names and passwords […]
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