Watch Out for Google Glass!

What do you get when you mix a pair of glasses with tech giant Google? The unprecedented combination known as Google Glass.  Google acquired its first patent for Glass in April of last year.  The company announced their patent along with a teaser video which projected Google’s ideas.

Well, how close did this all come to a reality?

Google Glass physically consists of a 5MP camera with a clear prism that is attached to a flexible metal frame.  Google is working to incorporate prescription lenses for those who need glasses. The product comes with built in WIFI and Bluetooth technology, but no gps chip. In addition, Google Glass comes with 16GB flash memory preinstalled.

Directly from the Google Glass “What It Does” page:

  • Take pictures, video, and live stream hands free
  • Turn by turn directions in front of you
  • Speak to send a message
  • Ask any question
  • Get translations for different languages
  • Get answers without asking

In fact, Google posted a video back in February demonstrating these features:

One of the most heavily debated aspects of the device surrounds the ability to discretely record video or use the device. Privacy is a big public concern as people are afraid of the capabilities and customization options to come. Moreover, Google Glass has not even fully launched yet and it is already being banned in public places such as casinos.

Currently, Google Glass is not available to everyone. If you are one of the lucky developer’s chosen by Google, you can purchase a pair for a whopping $1,500! The tech world is speculating a late 2013 or early 2014 widespread launch of Google Glass.

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