Privacy concerns for cell phone users

Carrier IQ is software that tracks cell phone users’ activity. It has also been the focus of recent privacy concerns. As Carrier IQ hit the headlines, many cell phone users were hit with a reality check. The device that houses our personal information may also be housing software that tracks, stores and shares this information. Carrier IQ is installed on about 150 million devices. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Apple have all stated they do use Carrier IQ.

In light of this recent controversy, Harvard Law professor Johnathan Zittrain proposes a way for cell phone users to stay informed. Why not find a way to track what is tracking us? Zittrain says that our phones should include a function to show where any collected data is going. What a great idea! I hope cell phone manufacturers and carriers take a cue from Professor Zittrain and push for keeping cell phone users more informed!

To learn more about cell phone carriers’ use of Carrier IQ, read this article from CNN Money.

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