PastBook Raises $250K To Help Preserve Online Memories

In today’s day and age, many of our most precious memories only exist online, in the form of photographs. Many of those photos are spread out along various social networks, making it difficult to keep track of them all. An Amsterdam-based company called PastBook has emerged to try and help share memories for generations to come. PastBook is trying to make it easy to combine your photographic memories both online, and in tactile form. If you visit their website, you can see options to create an online book, which can be browsed online or download as a PDF, but you also have the ability to turn the online book into a professionally printed copy.
Instagram is the first social network that PastBook will launch, and Facebook will follow suit. In addition to viewing a hard or online copy of your photos, comments and ‘likes’ on your photos can be included “in bid to make users’ memories more vivid”, says the company. Not only can you create a PastBook for yourself, the app also incorporates a user’s social graph, allowing you to easily create PastBooks as gifts for friends. Eventually, the goal is to support all main photo sharing social networks, including Flickr and Twitter. While several other apps to print your online photos into a physical book already exist, PastBook says it is different because, not only does it go beyond just printing, but it is not simply trying to create “another timeline” in the cloud. PastBook has just recently raised $250K with some help from investors to help further their goals, so only time will tell how successful they will become. In the meantime, try it out, it’s free!

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