Google search tips

googlelogoGoogle is a great way to search for information on the web, but not everyone knows that you can quickly get specific information with search modifiers. Here are a few ways you can refine your searches:

1. stock: ticker symbol – This will give you stock information as well as links to relevant sites. For example, try typing in “stock: goog” and you’ll get a chart for Google’s stock, including current price and volume, as well links to other sites with relevant information.

2. define: word – This brings up definitions and relevant phrases. For example, if you type “define: megabyte” you’ll learn that it is an amount of computer memory that is approximately one million bytes.

3. conversions – Google has a built in currency converter. For example, if you type “100 USD to GBP” you’ll find out that 100 U.S. dollars is equal to 48.95 British pounds. It also can handle converting common weights and measures, like “100 gallons to liters” or “100 miles to kilometers.”

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