Vine and Tribeca Film Festival launch #6SecFilms Competition

This year’s Tribeca Film Festival will include a mini festival powered by Vine, Twitter’s app for creating six second looping films from your smartphone. To enter, just share your Vine on Twitter with the hashtag #6SECFILMS and the hashtag of the category in which you want to enter. Categories include #GENRE, #AUTEUR, #ANIMATE and #SERIES (for an explanation, go to the Tribeca Film Festival site). The panel of judges is still being assembled, but it will include director Penny Marshall and actor Adam Goldberg (“Vine’s first real auteur“).

If you’re not familiar with Vine, it’s a relatively new app from Twitter that allows you to record six second looping video clips (with audio) that you can share on Twitter, Facebook and Vine.  Since it’s launch in January, Vine has grown its monthly active users by 50% in the last month and is easily the most popular video sharing app out there. The super-short format has clearly inspired creativity in Vine’s users. I spent way too long watching this loop:

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