The medium is the message- Facebook vs. Post-it notes

Communication through Facebook and Twitter has the ability to spread like wildfire. Within seconds, a message can be seen far and wide. Real-time reporting of this nature is powerful stuff. When put into the hands of the people, is instant communication used for good?

Examples of both positive and negative use of social media surround the recent London riots.  Some British citizens broadcasted messages on Twitter and Facebook to encourage destruction and riots in their hometown. Other locals sent messages to organize clean up crews.

In a backlash to social media overload came another powerful medium- handwritten notes. Post-it notes expressing hope for the future appeared on destructed property around Britain. People were upset that their neighborhood coffeeshop/ boutique/pub fell victim to the riots.  

So what is an appropriate response for too much looting? Clean up crews and brooms. Too much social media? A handwritten smiley face :) To read more about post-it note walls, click here.

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