Top 5 Ways to Satisfy Your March Madness

March Madness 2010 begins on Thursday, March 18th – Are you ready?

  1. CBS Sports Bracket Manager – If  you’ve organized a few friendly wagers among your family, friends, or coworkers this season, then you should definitely check out the CBS Sports Bracket Manager. This site allows you to register your entire group, and even gives you your own private URL to access your brackets and other information. The Bracket Manager is also outstanding in the sense that it allows your group to set its own rules. Once you register with the site, and load your information and participants, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the games while the site does all the hard work for you. also allows you to interact with all users through communal message boards where you can trash talk all you want.
  2. – is a great source for up to date information regarding March Madness stats. Not only will the site be constantly updated with the newest scores and other information throughout the tournament; it will also stream nearly every March Madness game for free. The extra features on will surely satisfy any March Madness fan. The site features extras such as player and coach interviews, the Westwood One radio broadcast of every game, and featured videos such as the 10 Greatest NCAA March Madness Games of the Decade.
  3. ESPN tournament Challenge – If your friendly ventures won’t prove to be rewarding enough for your tastes this season, then the ESPN Tournament Challenge may be worth checking out. Not only does this site let you load your brackets to compete with friends and other fans, gives you an extra incentive – $10,000 in cash. The Tournament Challenge will crown one first prize winner (the individual who acquires the most points over the course of the tournament), who will walk away with the grand prize, and another second prize winner who will take home $5,000. The site also contains a number of fun interactive features, as well as live updates, which will keep you in the know throughout the series.
  4. March Mania App – If you’re planning on leaving your couch or computer at any time during March Madness, then the March Mania App is definitely worth downloading. Compatible with the IPhone and the IPod Touch, this app is a simple and concise way to keep track of your brackets on the go, and it is constantly updated with the latest tournament news and scores. Last year’s most popular March Madness app, March Mania promises to be even better than it was last year. As long as you download the app and make your picks no later than 5 minutes before the opening game, you will be able to track your scores whenever you may be.
  5. – Joost is an Internet TV service that allows you to watch television, movies, music, and more anytime on your computer. This year, the site has teamed up with CBS Sports to bring March Madness fans a quality live stream of the games, absolutely free of charge. Joost has successfully streamed March Madness games for the last few years, and promises to continue to deliver quality live feed to its users.
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