Top 5 Podcasts for Business

  1. The Starbucks Experience: Once a week Dr. Joseph Michelli hosts a podcast based on the principles related in his bestselling books The Starbucks Experience and The New Gold Standard. Dr Michelli analyzes business strategies implemented by the Starbucks Corporation – and relates these wildly successful procedures to how they can be applied to running a small business. No matter how you feel about Starbucks’ entity as a whole, it is undeniable that the corporation has become not only one of the strongest and most profitable businesses in recent years, but it has also become a sort of cultural phenomenon. The advice Dr. Michelli offers every week can undoubtedly help any business become more profitable, and reach its full potential.
  2. Wall Street Confidential: Every trading day, CNBC’s Jim Cramer and his team of leading financial commentators review the goings on of the stock market that day, and relate this information to how it can be helpful to businesses. This timely method of reporting could prove to be extremely beneficial to your business, or individual portfolio. Cramer’s in-depth analysis of important trends and events on Wall Street (and the financial world, globally) can be profitable to anyone who is looking to finance a business, make important buy/sell decisions, or save for retirement.
  3. Hesh Reinfeld Business Humor – Sometimes all this business talk can leave you feeling bewildered and maybe even slightly overwhelmed. For a much needed and well deserved mental break, we suggest a podcast hosted by Pittsburgh-based business writer Hesh Reinfeld. Reinfeld covers topics ranging from marketing, sales, and investment advice, to running a family business and advice for entrepreneurs. His stories and anecdotes will make you laugh, while his hard-hitting advice will keep you in the know.
  4. Business Explained: Business Explained is a weekly podcast by spirited Harvard Business School and MIT Grad Stever Robbins. Eager to help people accomplish great things with their lives, Robbins proves to be as insightful as he is expressive. Each week he provides an executive perspective on important events in business, through which he aims to widen the perspective of his listeners. The ability to look at your career in a different mindset is a great advantage in the business world, and if you are looking to breathe new life into your profession Stever’s podcast might just be the jolt you need.
  5. Wall Street Journal Podcasts: The Wall Street Journal’s website is not one, but instead a collection of various daily and weekly business-related podcasts, many of which could prove to be extremely beneficial to any small business. Your Money with Chuck Jaffe is one example of a popular featured podcast that provides money management tips for both businesses and individuals. hosts dozens of podcasts geared specifically towards small business, CEO’s, and everyone in between. Updated daily, this site has what you need to stay informed about the most modern and efficient ways to make the most out of your business and finances.
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