Word of the Week: Defrag

Defrag is a term that acts as the succinct form of “defragmentation” (which essentially means “to refurbish your computer”). Just like all tangible things, every now and then your computer needs to be cleaned up and dusted off; and while an air-duster and cotton cloth may take care of the hardware, you will need a reliable defrag program to take care of the junk that may have accumulated on your hard drive. Windows computers come with sufficient defrag software installed; however, if you are looking for another option, MyDefrag is another program for Windows that comes highly recommended, and can be downloaded free of charge. Running your defrag software on a regular basis* is the best way to keep your computer running at its optimal level.  

*Admittedly, the phrase “regular basis” is quite loosely defined. To be more specific, if you run your computer 24/7 it is a good idea to defrag every few days; however, it is sufficient for the average user to defrag once a week.

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