Mobile Phone Recycling

cellrecyclingMobile phone recycling and donation has become increasingly popular as people become more aware of the it’s availability. Just like a computer, mobile phones are capable of storing loads of personal information which should be erased prior to being recycled. If proper techniques are not followed to remove private data, this information can easily end up in the wrong hands.

Regenersis, Europe’s largest mobile phone recycling and reuse provider, recently announced that they have processed 2 million mobile phones for the year 2008 alone. The company performed a random sample of 2000 phones received only during the first week of December, to test whether the phones were properly erased. They found that 99% of phones sent in for donation or recycling still contained some sort of personal data. Personal data includes contacts, text messages, pictures, music, videos, calendar entries, emails, notes, mailing lists and to do lists. In some cases, extremely sensitive information was contained, including bank details, addresses, and confidential email.

If you are interested in donating your mobile phone, click here for all the tools you need to erase important data. The site allows you to input your phone make and model number, then fill out a brief form and the instructions are sent to you. You can also use that site to find the nearest a drop-off box for donation. Also be aware that in addition to erasing your unwanted phone’s sensitive data, always remember to discontinue service prior to recycling or donating it.

Orbis offers mobile phone recycling, so if you are interested, give us a call, and also click here for all of our recycling options. At Orbis, we make sure your sensitive data will be properly erased before it is recycled.

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