And we’re back…

Those of you that follow us on Twitter (and there are at least a dozen of you) know that we are in the beginning stages of a renewed social media effort. Our initial attempts at using Facebook, Twitter and blogging as a company were, well, not great. To be honest, I don’t know that we ever fully embraced social media, and when things got busy in the office it was always the first thing to be left behind.

But the original reasons for us to blog, tweet, youface, pholo, fingertag, etc. remain — it’s a great way for us to connect with our customers. So we are officially rebooting our social media effort. In the coming days and weeks you can expect to hear about cool new products and services, links to interesting articles, and general updates about what’s happening at Orbis. Most importantly, we want this to be a conversation. Tell us how we’re doing — are our tweets the highlight of your day? Are our blog posts unbearably boring? We want to hear from you.

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