Word of the Week: URL

Abbreviations can be tricky. We come in contact with them constantly; but, it is difficult to keep a firm grasp on what they all stand for. Take URL as an example.  The term could mean anything, really. Maybe it stands for Ugly Rotten Lizards or the Uptight Robot League. In actuality, this particular acronym stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which is a useful term to understand, because literally every website has one. For example, our site’s URL is http://www.orbissolutions.com, whenever you enter this text into your search engine you will be directed to our site. In this way, URLs perform the same function as your home address. They are text specific directions that take you to the sites you wish to visit. Most search engines allow you to “bookmark” URLs that you visit on a regular basis, which can save you time and energy while using the internet.

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