Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboardKeyboard shortcuts are a great way to let you work quickly without lifting your hands from the keyboard. Here are some basics that can help you cut down on the number of times you reach for the mouse every day:

CTRL + S: This saves the file that you’re working on.

CTRL + C: Use this to copy text, files, or icons that you’ve highlighted. CTRL + V will paste them where you point your mouse.

CTRL + Z: This is the powerful UNDO shortcut. It undoes your last action. Programs vary in how many actions they’ll let you undo, some will even let you go all the way back to the beginning. (CTRL + Y is the redo shortcut.)

ALT + TAB: This lets you switch between all of your open windows. Hold it down to bring up a system window that shows you what apps are running and which one you’re switching to.

WINDOWS + M: This one minimizes all of the windows that are open on your desktop. To bring everything back up, hit SHIFT + WINDOWS + M

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